Psomopoulos Lazaros

My name is Psomopoulos Lazaros. I was born on 1 February 1983. From young age I have been involved with sports. I’ve done six years technical swimming, participated in national championships in the 50m area piers and relays. At the same time I got involved with cycling, but I also enjoy hiking, skiing and anything to do with the mountain. Continue reading

Molla Haroun Ali Oglou

My name is Molla Haroun Ali Oglou and I was born on April 1, 1991 in Komotini, Rodopi. After 8 years of swimming  experience, I entered the field of Greek cycling and particularly mountain biking.

I am in my third year of studying at T.E.F.A.A Komotini (Department of Physical and Sport Education ), and at the same time I am a fitness coach for a football team in Komotini. Continue reading

Kostis Xirogiannis

My name is Kostis Xirogiannis and I was born in 1979 in Athens. I started cycling at the age of 5 years and started in the age of 12 races with BMX in Italy for one year.

After completing my studies I stayed permanently in the United Kingdom where I started again the racing, in  cyclocross. For years I was a member of the ERC team ( ) in Scottish cyclocross championship ( ) with great success. Since 2010 I got involved in the Greek cycling championship (MTB and Road), in duathlon competitions and in 2011 I will participate in races of world cyclocross championship. In all of these I trusted the experience of my coach Stamatis Romas to organize my training program.

At the same time in 2011, I started running races both road (long distance) and trail with the guidance of my coach Stamatis Romas, with an impressive improvement in just 6 months. My improved fitness and the racing level are due solely to him. It is worth noting that I have not had any injury so it makes sense to blindly trust his program!

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Important moments in recent years are:


  • 2011 Participation / finish in Paris-Roubaix Challenge
  • 2010 Mugdock Cross (Scottish Cyclocross): 3rd position
  • 2009 participation / finish in the London-Edinburgh-London (LEL)1400 km


  • Tzoumerka Feat 2011 (13km trail): 4 th position
  • 4th Evrytaneios  (20km): 7 th in 30-39 class
  • 3rd Andandeios  (asphalt /trail 17km): 8th in 30-39 class
  • 27th sacrifice tour of Distomo 11.2 km: 6th in 30-39 class

Daniel Exarchos

My name is Daniel Exarchos. I was born in 1984 in Tyrnavos Larissa . I graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering and I am currently finishing my Master’s degree in Automation Systems at NTUA.

I started cycling in Athens 5 years ago as a way to travel.  Two years ago I bought my first road bike so I started doing every day over 50km cycling. Continue reading