Classic Marathon. How to run the race?

How to run the race?

The desired time of termination at the Panathenaic stadium is elusive for two reasons: first because it is a struggle, and then because this effort is long. In the events of a single breath of few or many minutes immerse yourself by doing the maximum concentration facing the target. In our marathon, finish is visible just in the last three minutes, while for some experienced, well-trained runners who have properly manage the game; the stadium begins to appear in their minds in the last 8-10 miles. There are no wrong people who believe that the real struggle begins at 30th km. For some who trained incompetent and ran without a caution in the battle against their own bodies and the effort to have overrun much earlier start turning to torment an experience you’ll want to experience completely different. Continue reading

Heart Rate monitor

A luxury, or a necessary accessory for each athlete?


Without any doubt, in the current season in any sport and especially in cycling, you can not do a workout or a walk without a heart rate monitor.
Whether you follow the program of our coach for cyclist race, or check the beating of your heart in a Sunday walk, the heart rate monitor is an essential tool for everyone. Continue reading

Develop Hill Climbing Ability

Below is an interesting article by Chris Kostman how to climb an uphill faster as this period we have many climb races.

Someone once asked me how I got to be so good at riding hills. My answer was simple: “I ride ’em!” Nowadays, though, I give a bit more detailed advice. For example:

Pick several different hills (both road and dirt if you ride both) and time yourself riding them. They needn’t be too long, perhaps ten to twenty minutes at a good pace. Once a week, do a “hill repeat day” on one of those hills; ten reps at 100% intensity. Don’t rest too long between reps, just coast back to the bottom with your legs spinning in an easy gear to loosen up. Continue reading

Biking and aerobic capacity

It is not a coincidence that in recent years the need for aerobic exercise has become indispensable and necessary. We live in a world where, fortunately or unfortunately, the technology and computerized lifestyle dominates, resulting in a lazy way of life .We have a negative first place in the European Union where we use our car more than 60% to go a distance of 500 meters!

It makes sense therefore that the muscles, which account for 40% of our body weight, that receive daily hypotonic stimuli, have almost fallen into disuse. Continue reading

Biking in the age of primary

Physical activity, whether it concerns the child’s participation in organized sports or in school sports, has a positive effect on their physical and mental health. At the same time it is a proactive protection from obesity and the diseases this may cause. The involvement of children in sports is a key parameter, not just for their physical development, but also for integration of mental and emotional characteristics. Physical activity in general is a key factor in the overall quality of life for children, and contributes to an all-round development.

One of the sports with a rapid increase in popularity in the last few years, is mountain biking. Continue reading