Knarvikmila 10km race results (Men 35-40)

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 / 1 sider :: 50 deltakere(e) i 10 km :: Menn 35-39 år

Plc StartNr Navn Klub/Hold/Sponsor Bedrift Nation Tid min/km km/t
1 1378 Ståle Pegorer Vange Kjøkkelvik NorwayNOR 0:35:56 3:35 16.70
2 1297 Stamatis Romas RomasProTraining GreeceGRE 0:38:43 3:52 15.50
3 1444 Rune Askeland NorwayNOR 0:39:29 3:56 15.20
4 1282 Christian Rahbek Aarhus 1900 DenmarkDEN 0:39:51 3:59 15.06
5 1572 Runar Lie NorwayNOR 0:40:49 4:04 14.70
6 1288 Kjetil Reisegg NorwayNOR 0:41:07 4:06 14.60
7 1387 Jørn Vidar Veland NorwayNOR 0:41:23 4:08 14.50
8 1424 Amund Langøy NorwayNOR 0:41:26 4:08 14.48
9 1409 Glenn-Erik Wold NorwayNOR 0:42:52 4:17 14.00
10 1571 Rune Vindenes NorwayNOR 0:42:59 4:17 13.96
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KnarvikMila 10km race

10 km Sunday September 2. – A QUALITY RACE

This is the classic Knarvikmila distance. This year will be the 30th time the 10 km race will be held.


The route is easier to run and in addition traffic free.  Start and finish line at Knarvik Stadium.


The route has been measured and the length verified.


To participate you must be born in 2000 or earlier.  Start 13:10.


Participants will be classed according to age, with a prize for each class winner.

For veterans,those 35 or older, there are 5 age classifications.



Those who participate in the 10 km race and Fjord Norway Half Marathon on Saturday September 1. will receive  a specially made prize with the inscription Fjord Dronning (Fjord Queen) or Fjord Konge (Fjord King).


There will be cash prizes for the 3 best women and the 3 best men.


A special  “God form” (good shape) pin/button will be distributed to those participating in the 10 km race. To received the pin/button you must achieve a completion time which has  been  determined in a table published by the magazine “Kondis”.  There you will find the table.

NB! One may not register for the half Marathon as part of a family registration.


Skogsmaraton results



Fornavn Etternavn Klubb Klasse Sluttid

Maraton kvinner (5 runder)

Kristin Husby
K50-54 03:41:23
Edna Leikvoll BFG Fana K50-54 03:56:16
Lise Lithun GTI K50-54 04:31:16
Kristine Thorsen
K50-54 04:34:46
Turid Landsvik BFG Fana K55-59 04:35:24
Titina Bakken
K40-44 05:00:54
Lise Lotte Andersen
K23-34 06:05:10
Pia- Camilla Tømmernes Bergen CK og BTC K35-39 06:14:47

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Periklis Ilias victorius in stage 3 of Alpentour Trophy!

The Greek  MTB Champion Ilias Periklis dominated the field on today’s third stage of the 14th Alpentour Trophy, with 73 kilometres via the Türlwand Hut and Brandalm the longest leg. Periklis won ahead of the Austrian Alban Lakata who moved up to second place in the general classification due to a mechanical of Urs Huber. And a young rider from Lower Austria was on fire, racing right at the front of the field with the world class mountain bikers in Schladming. Continue reading

Great race of MBIKE-BH Team at the Sfendami Mountain Festival

The event combined 41 km of mountain biking and 23 km of mountain running in the central region of the country.

The team sponsored by BH performed great in an event that drew Greece’s best bikers and runners – nearly 400 bikers and over 250 runners –, who were at all times cheered on by the crowd.

MBIKE-BH Team had two bikers on the podium: Lazopoulou (women) and Psomopoulos (running & biking). The rest of the team arrived in top spots too: Skordas, 5th (men), Papanastasiou, 13th (rider, men), Vergopoulos, 17th (rider, men), Dardas 30th (men).